Meet Me at the Fair


Today, we all piled up in our cars, and went to the air show at Fair St. Louis.

It was a bit hot, and mostly cloudy, but that didn’t deter us and a whole bunch of other folks from trekking down there for the opening of the Fair. We walked over to the Eads bridge (which again this year was set up for pedestrian traffic), and got set up for the air show. This location was terrific for last year’s air show, and I expected it would be again this year. I was not disappointed!

The Days from Golden, Colorado  (Click to enlarge)

What added to the ambiance of this hot bridge, cooled by river breezes, was the news crew from KMOV. They decided to interview us during part of the airshow. My nephew Matt and his father Warren got speaking roles in the piece. Of course, the local media was all over the fact that they had run into “the Day family from Golden, Colorado” who had come out to see the Fair.

Of course, we all knew that they were here for the reunion on Sunday!

With some luck, I hope to have that piece of video up here in the next week or so. I haven’t tried bringing video into the laptop, so that’ll be a new challenge for me, and the first step to converting to old family video tapes to DVD.

After an afternoon at the fair, Warren grilled dinner (during a monsoon-like storm), and enjoying the company of Beck and Warren’s Dad and neice Hailey, we sat down to a large family dinner.

That’s a cool thing to me. With only four of us in the family when I was growing up (and the occasional bachelor that Mom and Dad would “adopt”), the big family gatherings and dinners were pretty alien to me. Since being married to Beck, though, they’ve been very regular, and becoming very comfortable for me. I like it!