OK, So I’m a Dufus!


Well, in my quest to bring the site a nice facelift, and hopefully some new functionality, I’ve discovered that I boofed things pretty good.

Over the weekend, I added all kinds of new functionality centered around the display of photos in the header and as icons for the Today’s Photos pieces. I also spent a ton of time last night working on the CSS to display in a multi-columnar fashion, and trying to overcome quirks between the behavior of MSIE and Firefox.

And I kept wondering why I’d had no comments about all the changes.

What I hadn’t noticed was that the functionality for leaving comments had somehow escaped the template for the main pages.

Darla noticed this last night, told me about it, and I finally had the opportunity to check it out tonight. Sure ’nuff, she was right — it was impossible to comment on the site. D’oh! Fortunately, I’d been saving this template before making big changes to it, and had a copy that had the right code in it. I copied that chunk back into the template, and am hoping for the best.