I’d been wanting to add a current weather conditions piece to the blog, as I’ve always had a facination for weather events. I’d seen other sites display it, so I figured there was some way to do it.

While looking for something else on the WordPress support site, I stumbled upon a Weather Hack by Jeremiah (code is here). This was dirt-easy to implement, and really works well.

I also noticed another post by robertswift to cache the data automatically using a cron job, so grabbed the code from his site, and set up the cron job to get the weather once every 15 minutes. Nice piece of work.

All this, plus loads of other information on Weather Hack, can be found at the WordPress support site page here.

Enjoy the weather we’re enjoying, and let me know if there’s other goodies you see out on the wild, wild web that you’d like to see here.