Purple Rain

Today, I picked up Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon. Purple Rain was an anniversary edition just released, and Under the Cherry Moon has finally been released on DVD.

Purple Rain was a seminal film for me. I first saw it during its theatrical release around 1983, and it was a distant echo of a tulmultuous time that I was enduring at the time. Broken relationships, hurt that felt like it would never end, and the crushing of my little fragile self by someone I thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life with.

Twenty years of hindsight tells me that that would’ve been a bad, bad, bad relationship to grow into a marriage. I would’ve been far too…. young… to have pulled that off.

Forever linked at the hip will be that time and this film for me — nothing much I can do about that. However, distance and time have made my view of the film and that era more nostalgic, and less like a raw wound.

Time is a good thing, after all!