Today France, Tomorrow the World!

Today’s bit of web-weirdness comes to me from a goofy client (allegedly) in France and using the network. From what I can gather, proxad may be an ISP, and they may provide free/cheap internet to folks in France.

However, this goofy little client that’s hitting me has been doing it since 5am, and appears to be walking through everything on the site in a more or less methodical fashion. I’m assuming it’s a ‘bot, as I see it request my robots.txt file occassionally. They’ve only slurped about 25Mb today — there’s only about 4Gb of content available here, so that oughta take ’em until March of next year! 🙂

No big deal to me at this point. It’s not killing anything, but it is making for weird stuff in the logs!