Can I Buy Gas By the Barrel?


Today, a barrel of oil creeped over $52. And, as though the barrels were feeding directly into the local market, the non-collusive, non-speculative price at the pumps rose over $1.90 again. I expect it’ll continue for a while, too.

I heard an analyst talking about the American appetite for cars and gas, and that we just weren’t curbing our usage. He alluded that that was part of the reason the oil prices were so high. That may be true — I dunno.

He added that our appetite for gas wasn’t likely to wane until gas was between $3 and $10 a gallon. Ten bucks a gallon! That’s over $200 to fill up my truck, and I have to do that about five times a month on average. There is no rapid transit for me to take to work — it doesn’t exist anywhere close to my workplace. I have busses I can catch here in the neighborhood, but they don’t get me anywhere near work.

Guess I’m gonna have to learn to sweatlessly ride my bike 14 miles to work. There’s no place to shower and clean up there, so they’d just have to take me stinky!!! 🙂