Crazy Gas


Ya know, one day you think you’ve got the gas price thing figured out, and suddenly you’re wrong, and then suddenly, you’re really wrong.

Gas shot up 28 cents/gallon yesterday. On a Wednesday. In days not so long ago, gas went up on Tuesday. Lately, there’ve been some Fridays when it’s gone up, but never on a Wednesday.

So I picked my jaw up off the floor, and went home after working late last night. But wait — there’s more!

This morning when I went to work, the same station had dropped back to $1.619. Now there were a whole bunch of stations within a couple of miles of each other that were ranging from $1.569 to $1.799. I just don’t get it! 🙂

My guess is that someone, in their traditionally non-collusive manner, put the wrong date for the price hike on the memo, and not everyone got it right. I’m sure there’s a more official answer out there somewhere, but that’s the one I’ll stick with for now!