Well, my efforts to be a kinder, gentler blogger have failed, and now, I have the fantastic opportunity to completely blacklist a whole domain: Everyone’s Internet. These guys are apparently a hosting service with tens of thousands of servers, and based on what I’ve seen, there’s nothing good brewing in Houston, where the company is based. So, to paraphrase Psycho in Stripes, they’ve just “made the list.”

What’s humorous to me is that EV1 is one of the few companies who have succumbed to SCO’s pressure to get Linux users to license Linux from them. I guess who get who you sleep with…. or something like that! 🙂

As I did my searches on this company, I discovered Josh Woodward and his fight against the company. His solution is, shall we say, unique, although I question how long it would work. However, I bet he sleeps well at night knowing he’s maybe irritating the hosting company of a least a few blogspambombers.