Downtown Chattanooga

[Suck Creek Mountain TN]

Sio, Beck and I spent the day downtown, walking around the shops on Frazier Avenue. After a ten year absence from living in Chattanooga, the growth of this little section of town still amazes me. There are small, quaint shops featuring everything from coffee to ice cream to new age items to used books. It is reminiscent — on a small scale — to the Old Market area in Omaha. Our culture seems quick to destroy the old and build the new; it’s nice to see someone thinking for half a second, and realizing these old structures still have purpose.

We also went to Coolidge Park, played on the carousel, and watching the kids play with their new trikes and scooters. It was a gorgeous day for it, with temps in the 50s, and was a great day to start teaching Sio how to use her new camera. She is enthusiastic in a way only a child can be, and is gobbling up everything I can tell her about shooting. Soon, she’ll figure out she knows everything that I do, and that my magic has more to do with trial and error and shotgun shooting than with preconceived design notions and theory.

Of course, my methods work for me, and they’ll probably work for her! 🙂