Zombies are Weird


So, the zombie assault continues today. I’m getting about 50-60 hits an hour (sustained) from tons of machines all over the world, each with the referrer field set to a primary domain, with lots of subdomains for dealing with whatever ails you — pharmaceuticals, gambling… you name it, it’s represented!

I guess what they’re trying to do is put referrer activity that looks to be from their site in the logs so they show up in my server stats. As I’ve discovered, once I’ve blocked them, those referrrals no longer show up (heh-heh-heh), but the hits do, although their source isn’t evident. That’s ok with me. I just watch them get their 403’s, and chuckle at the futility of all these goofy unpatched Windows boxes (probably) doing their master’s bidding unbeknownst to their owners.

What’s interesting is that in January, I had almost 60,000 hits on the site (many of them this same spammer junk). In the first day and a half of February, I have almost a fifth of that already. This short month looks to be a great workout for the server! 🙂