Second Epiphany

Today, as on many Sundays, I took Sio home. The sky was overcast, and the radio was blaring. With the temperature near 70 today (in February!), we had the sunroof open, and were talking about deep philosophical things, like music and life, school and slugbugs.

Suddenly, one of the clouds above us starting spitting tiny raindrops, which grew larger and larger. I asked Sio if she was getting wet, and she told me no, but we should leave the roof open, because sometimes it’s good to get wet.

She’s right. In her own way, she was telling me to decompress, relax, and not sweat the small stuff. If the truck gets a few raindrops on the inside, it’s not big deal. And she’s right.

I’ve bruised a lot of brain cells, worrying over “what if” and “why not” and “how come”. Now, it’s time for me to take charge, and not worry about answering those questions — or others — and focus more on living my life planfully, with some good obtainable goals out there for me to work toward.

Yes, sometimes it’s good to get wet. And I think I sense a storm a brewing….. 😉