Life Poster

While spinning about the web this afternoon — after my hike, after my piano lesson, after my nap with Darla 😉 — I started looking through the referrers to The Deauxmayne. Most of them are crap, pure and evil, and look like topics for a future Jerry Springer show. Ya know, bi-sexual Elvis impersonators in love with their brother’s lover’s former ex-roommate — in stills, avi and mpg!

One of the referrals though was from The Jer Zone, which is wonderful site, full of all kinds of nuggets o’ info. Jerry seems to be an avid shooter, and I really enjoy paging through his site. On one page, he mentioned something called a “life poster”. Move the mouse, click the link, wait for net, and voila!

I was led to The Mike Matas Blog. Mike has concocted a wonderful method for creating a life poster, which is a grid of photos, massaged through iPhoto (in his case — I don’t have a Mac, so it’ll be Photoshop CS), and then sent off for printing at a framable, hangable size. This is a cool idea, well thought out, and will probably be the stuff of future gifts, and possibly other mosaic-type opportunities.