To Corolla NC and Back (1420 miles so far)

Today, we wanted to get up before the sun, and try to catch sunrise at Currituck Lighthouse. We hopped in the car at the crack before dawn, and headed north toward Corolla. The drive was nice and slow, through some cute little towns. At times it looked like we wouldn’t get to Currituck in time. We did though… and found that you can’t get to the lighthouse at that time of morning — it doesn’t open until 10am. We had about fifteen minutes until sunrise, so we started looking around for a place to shoot.

We found a little waypath down to the beach, and saw tire tracks down it, so I figured I could make it, too. Down we drove on to the beach, and watched the most incredible sunrise. The clouds were layed, and the sun was simply astounding. By far, the best sunrise or sunset on the trip.

We figured it was time to go, and realized…. I couldn’t get the truck back up the dune to get off the beach. We tried a couple of times, and even tried to get some speed to launch over it, but still couldn’t get back over the dune. We saw tracks leading off to the the north, so we headed that way on the beach, asking along the way if anyone knew a way off the beach. We finally ran into someone who knew of a lower dune we could go over, and after driving five miles up the beach, we finally got the truck off the beach. Now that was an adventure!

Our little crisis on the beach had made us hungry, so we headed for the Jolly Roger again, this time for breakfast. A huge breakfast later, we decided to head to the hotel and sleep for a bit.