Reflecting on Vacation


It seems like all my vacations end with me wanting to see more of wherever I was, and possibly have some desire to live there for a while. This trip was no different. The very act of travelling always appeals to me, so just that can be enough to trip my trigger.

So what stuck with me about the outer banks? Well, I think the pace of life was the biggie. No one was in a rush, folks were generally friendly, and there were no traffic jams, clogged roads, or lines of folks waiting for anything. In fact, there were times when we could walk on the beach half a mile or more, and still not run into anyone.

Now, I’m sure that the time of year had a lot to do with that. We kept hearing, especially in Ocracoke, that the crowds were miserable come summertime, and the roads were so thick with people that driving was almost impossible. That wouldn’t be so good, I expect.

But I loved being in the wilder parts — Pea Island NWR and Cape Hatteras NS. Between the roar of the ocean and the cry of the birds, I really found some quality time that I could hang my hat on. I loved photographing that part of the trip, and really never got tired of watching the pelicans ride the waves as they rolled in.

If I was to pick up my bags, and move somewhere, would the outer banks be my first choice? No, but it’s close. Between the mountains and the desert, the west still has my imagination captured, and I’m sure the photography junket in November will only fuel that fire.

However, the outer banks did inspire me, relax me, and helped me get some rest and clarity that I desparately needed. And, of course, now I have a ton of new photos to start processing, and a fire once again to get my photography business off the ground.

Hey, I went on vacation, and came back with work — that’s not fair! 🙂