Pucker Factor


You know the feeling. You get notification that a new version of one of your stalwart pieces of software is out. There’s squashed bugs, and security features. But, there’s always that risk of fouling things up so bad that you need a rebuild. Pucker factor.

Today, the fine folks maintaining WordPress released a shiny new version — 1.5.1 — of their fantastic code. It’s the very code that is the backbone of this site. And, the pucker factor commenced. However, one download, one ungzip/untar, one file copy, and….. presto-chango! New WordPress at the old Deauxmayne.


The only thing that seems broke so far is the “Today’s Photos” piece on the dailies. I know I’m using old code to keep that working (it also busted in 1.5), and that I need to recode to use current functionality. However, I’ve had no time for changes, so I just reapplied my changes, and things seem to be back to normal.

Ten minutes to an upgrade. That rocks. Nice work, Matt and crew!