Today, the head of FEMA stepped down. His is the head that will be figuratively lopped off to preserve the respect of the government.

In truth, there’s probably tons of blame to go around, but the federal response didn’t exactly show off the ability of a government to handle a big event. You’d think that they would’ve learned much from 9/11.

So where from here? Well, FEMA needs someone who knows how to handle a big emergency, and has some experience with that. Rudy Juliani? Maybe. FEMA needs better planning, and to me, that means getting it away from the DHS. Let the DHS work on the “war on terror” that Bush has us mired in, and let FEMA work on helping the people here at home. My two cents.

It’s cool to hear that the airport is open again, and that the power is starting to come on. Even the streets are drying up. That’s all terrific news, and I can’t wait to see how the city is reborn.

I just hope that it all works out for the folks down South. They need a break, and maybe this move in the beauracracy will help.