Gates Gone Wild!


Today my Information Week junquemail included a blurb about a item up for auction on eBay — an 11-DVD compilation of Bill Gates’ 1998 antitrust deposition.

11 discs? Of Bill of Borg? No thanks.

Just how interesting could this be? Well, IW doesn’t exactly give it two thumbs up, but I think they are only looking at this story based on the clips that had been released years ago. I mean, there could be telling pieces of data in this set if examined deep enough. Does Bill scratch his nose on the left side when telling a tall tale? Does he stroke his chin menacingly when talking of crushing his competition? Does he know anything about cigars, or Monica Lewinski? 🙂

Truth is, the 34-year old guy from Arkansas selling this is just trying to kickstart his fledgling IT company. That’s right — he’s trying to fuel a startup. With business plans. Developed over the last three years. A startup that will squish Microsoft. From his bedroom. In his parents’ house.

Nope, I’m not kidding. Read the piece.

His closing quote in the article?

“I believe one day my planes will fill the sky.”

Really…… I guess his plans to squish Microsoft involve building aircraft to fill the skies and somehow gum up the works of Bill’s empire. Good luck buddy — I’ll be watching out for your code, your organization, your planes, and the double-wide in Arkansas with the air traffic control tower extending through the roof.