Home Again, Home Again

After 5723 miles over the last 18 days, and more than 95 hours of driving, I am home to roost for a while. The dual-journey was a once-in-a-lifetime (well, maybe once-in-a-decade) experience, and I’m happy about every moment of it.

Are there things I would’ve changed? You bet.

I would’ve spent more time stopping and smelling the roses. Darla’s job is to ensure I do that, and since she wasn’t there for the big part of the journey, I didn’t do enough of it, especially on my race through the desert and back to St. Louis.

I would’ve spent more time exploring Yosemite after DLWS, and seeing what it had to offer. The weather situation was getting dicey (at the time; ended up not being an issue), so I didn’t chance it.

I would’ve probably planned the two excursions during separate timeframes. Lingering somewhere would’ve been easier to pull off without another schedule I had to hit. Don’t get me wrong — I was really glad to go home for Thanksgiving, but lining up those travel schedules was tough.

I wouldn’t have lugged nearly as much stuff on the trip to Yosemite. I waaaaay overpacked, on both supplies and gear. Live and learn, I guess.

All things considered though, I had a great vacation. I learned tons at Yosemite, and I saw my family. How could it get much better than that?