Busch Is Dead — Long Live Busch!

This morning, around 12.30am, the last part of the superstructure of the old Busch Stadium was brought to the ground by the wrecking ball, making way for the completion of the new Busch Stadium.

It’s been surreal, watching the old stadium come down section by section. And, of course, like vultures over a dying beast in the field, the local news has been hovering, showing us daily the progress of the demolition of the house of the Cardinals for the last 40 years. Daily, it has looked like Godzilla has come through, and stomped around a bit, waiting for darkness to come again so he could make more damage.

Now with the superstructure gone, there is only one Busch Stadium, lying just beyond the rubble, almost phoenix-like, and that is the home of the Cards. Long may it live!

(BTW, there’s a great time lapse of the demolition at Redbird Central.)