In this morning’s e-mail was a blurb about Adobe’s competitor for Aperture — named Lightroom.

From what folks are saying, if you look at the video and adverts for Apple’s Aperture, they are essentially the mark Adobe is trying to hit with Lightroom, albeit with a lesser system footprint needed on the Mac side. (Aperture doesn’t exist for the Window platform, although Lightroom will.)

Myself, I have a preference to have this workflow tool fit in nice and snug against Photoshop CS2, and Lightroom should do that. While Aperture will let you use CS2 as your image editor, and allow you to open things from within it using CS2, I’m not yet convinced that the integration between the two products is as tight as I might want.

So, this morning I pulled down the 140Mb file that includes the Lightroom public beta and a bunch of samples, and I’ll start playing with them this weekend. Hopefully, Lightroom will be everything it’s cracked up to be, and something that I can begin using to publish the photo archive for the site.

Nice birthday prezzie, eh? 🙂