It’s the End of the Blogsphere As We Know It

So now, Bill Shatner has a blog. In fact, his daughter even has scribble space on it.

I know what I write is no great shakes, but… Bill Shatner? The last several entries are his state of the world message, an announcement that he’s now formed his own DVD movie club, and include some back-patting for winning the Emmy as a member of Boston Legal. (BTW, I really enjoy the show — funny, but not quite as quirky as Ally McBeal.) And, oh, the ads! Loads of ’em: buy a communicator, buy Bill’s CD, buy Bill’s movie, join Bill’s movie club, buy EZ Stairs (for which Bill’s a spokesperson). A little too much self-promotion for me.

In truth, there’s probably worse out there. I did stumble across a Kirstie Alley blog a while back when she was doing Fat Actress. I remember fluff, and buy this product (in this case, Jenny Craig, I think).

Good luck with the blog, Bill. I’m… sure… you’ll… find… it… re… warding…