Is It Spring?

This morning, we awoke to temperatures in the 60s.  In fact, by 3pm, it was 74 here.  In February?!

Reality struck quickly though, as a front passed through just after 3pm, bringing high winds and loads of hail.  In fact, it hailed for nearly fifteen minutes at the office, creating “haildrifts” against the building that were 2-3 inches deep.  I stood in the 2nd floor cafeteria, face almost against the wall of windows, and watched the hail falling from the sky.  It was as though someone skyward was lobbing small rocks at the Earth, and image was so cool.  From that vantage point, and at the angle the hailstones were falling, it was easy to lose yourself in the visuals of the storm.  By far, this was one of the coolest storms I’ve been in.

The cold came in quickly behind the front, and by the time I finished with tennis at 8pm, it was 30 and snowing.  Truly, if you don’t like the weather in the Midwest, just wait a few minutes — it’ll change!