Biltmore House

We’d decided early in the trip that we’d take a day and drive to Asheville NC to visit Biltmore House.  This was a destination Beck badly wanted to see during the trip to the east coast last April, so we wanted to make sure to get there this time.

The drive down there was uneventful, pleasant and beautiful.  However, once we pulled off I-40, I suddenly felt like I had gone back in time.  The buildings, right down to the McDonald’s, all had a feel of late 19th century architecture.  We hit the front office, gasped at the price, handed over our C-note, and then drove on to the parking lot.

From the lot, it was a ten minute walk to the grounds of Biltmore House.  The grounds were amazing to see, as was the house.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow photography of any kind inside the house, so we weren’t able to grab any shots inside the house.  We took the walking tour inside the house — about two-and-a-half hours! — and it was amazing.  There’s so much history, art and architecture… so much that it defies description.  After lunch in the stables, we drove around the property, and just enjoyed the views of the countryside.

Visiting Biltmore was well worth the trip and the cost, and I would definitely go back again, with designs on spending more time on the grounds than the house.  It would definitely be worth it!