My World for Some Headphones

After a night full of coding on the photo side of the site, and some iTunes data manipulation, I went to bed, leaving my iPod charging in my office.

As is my habit in the morning, I checked my e-mail and the blog, and picked up my iPod out of the charging stand, dashing out of the house…. only to forget my headphones.  Ugh.

For most folks, that probably wouldn’t be a huge big deal.  However, I hadn’t realized what I was missing each morning in the office while I worked hard and grooved to my iPod.  The amount of chatter, inane and otherwise, is amazing and totally distracting to me.  From the time I got to work (6.30am), I’ve endured listening to too many conversations and too much to listen to.  From American Idol chit-chat, to conversations about one management chain or another, to just normal hellos….. wow.  I’d no idea how much of that I was drowning out in my music.

I guess I’ve discovered that I enjoy the solitude of my music in the morning as I wake up and get my feet under me.  What’s funny is that I keep thinking I wanna do that when I go photographing, and never do.  The rustle of the wind, the calls of the birds, and the sound of nature are all appealing to me.  I enjoy listening to the heartbeat of the earth as I tromp around in the great outdoors.

Then again, I’m decaffeinating again, so that could be impacting how sensitive I am to all the ruckus in the office!