Opening Day

Today was opening day for baseball.  I’m thrilled!

The Cards opened up by really nailing the Phillies.  Pujols hit two home runs — that puts him on a pace to hit 324 homers on the season.  OK, so that’s not realistic, but it is a great start.

And Scott Rolen.  Man, is it good to see him back.  And what does he do for his first homerun since May of last season?  A meager grand slam!  And doing that in front of a crowd that’s booing you, that’s gotta be sweet.

Beck and I have tickets to what I believe is the first Businessman’s Special at the new Busch next Thursday (14th).  We’ll play a little hookie from work, and see what we can see.  Assuming the camera policy hasn’t changed, I’ll take my rig, and shoot a bunch of photos of the stadium.  From what I’ve seen on TV, it is radically different from the old Busch, yet still a work of art.

Yes, baseball is back, and my attention will be diverted between that and the rest of my world as the spring and summer wind on.