Today, Beck and I took the day off, and went to the Cards game against the Rockies. All day, the weather looked dicey, but held off, by and large. As for me, I claimed baseball fan status, and went without my camera, intent on enjoying the game. That’s a big change for me!

The seats we had were in the Redbird Club. This is an astounding part of the new ballpark with gourmet food, a climate controlled area to get out of the heat or rain and any amenity you could think of. In fact, when you’re in the mezzanine, you almost don’t know there’s a baseball game going on. Pretty amazing.

In the first inning, Albert Pujols hit his 18th home run. Unbelieveable! He’s on a pace to hit almost 80 home runs, shattering Barry Bonds record. It’d be cool to have the single season record back in St. Louis.

The game continued on, with only a few sprinkles to be found, but by the 8th inning, the rain began to pour, and we made our way out to the truck, happy to have seen most of the game, another win for the Cards.

Darla and I spent the rest of the day in “date mode” — going here and there, doing a little shopping, sitting at Starbuck’s and enjoying a relaxing chai latte. This was a great vacation day for me, and one in which I could really kick back, not worry about the world, and enjoy the company of my spouse.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.