My Bike Lies!


Tonight, the crew from work went riding at the Katy Trail.  We decided to try a longer ride, from Weldon Spring to Pitman Hill Road — about eight miles one-way.  I can dish this distance out in just over an hour on my exercise bike, which tells me that I’m pedaling at about 14 mph.

It lies.

In reality, covering that distance on the trail took just under two hours, and was grueling.  My bikemates offered up that there’s tire resistance against the trail, and adding that I’m having to pull my weight along the trail — neither of which are seen riding the stationary bike.

I agree.

So, 9-10 mph is my speed on the trail, and the folks I ride with leave me in the dust.  I still enjoy it though, and I can tell a difference week to week in my stamina on the trail and on the bike at home.

Now, if I can just get the right music for the ride……!  🙂