From Pain to Pleasure


This morning, I started early — real early — with a killer headache. That’s a horrible way to start the day, and mine started around 3am. Ugh. When I got up at 5am, I felt like I was gonna hork in the shower. Not a good start to the day…

I slept. And slept. And slept. And I finally rose from the dead around lunchtime. After a little bite to eat, I started trying to get my head cleared up. I had my telltale signs of the worst being over, and it was just a matter of time until my head cleared. By 2pm, I was free and clear of the gnarly grip of the gremlins in my head.

So why not a ride?

I gathered up my gear, and pointed the truck at the trail. I had no idea if I had 5mi or 20mi in me, but I was there, and wasn’t gonna let the remnants of a killer headache wipe me. I hit the trail, and just let the trail conditions and my legs drive my speed. No race, no overdoing it like Tuesday, and I just took it easy. As it ends up, I was able easily to carry myself from Weldon to Augusta, and back.

It was steamy after the rain last night, and then about eight miles down the trail, it began to rain on me. Just a gentle quiet rain. It was stellar. I’d ride everyday in a quiet rain like that. It was just that good.

So, headache gone, ride behind me, and so far, I’m feeling just dandy. That’s a good thing!