Cycling Fool

With all the recent activity surrounding my photography exhibit, I haven’t been able to ride much. That hasn’t stopped me from engaging in cycling tomfoolery though!

Yesterday, one of my Wednesday cycling clutch participants got word to me of an event in Indianapolis. The Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team is looking for a replacement for Lance Armstrong, and they are holding a series of races on August 12th to find Lance’s replacement. The event is called The Race to Replace, and is an all-day event held at the Indy Speedway. Yup, the races will be held on the track itself. How cool is that?!

It’s one of the after-race events that interests me though. Up to 20,000 folks will be allowed to participate in the Lap with Lance — a fundraiser where you can take a lap around the track on your bike, with Lance Armstrong leading the crowd around. Holy cow!!!!

Needless to say, I signed up this morning, and am planning to head to Indy for this event. Since they happily took my money and registration, I’m assuming I made it under the 20,000 cap. Of course, I’ll be taking loads of photos of the race heats — eight heats of 10 laps around the track each — and of the events. But for me, the thrilling part will be taking my bike around the track at Indianapolis.

Yeah, yeah, it’s five hours of driving each way in order to ride 2.5 miles, but I think it’ll be the coolest 2.5 miles I’ve ever ridden!