Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam

Well, I guess it was bound to happen — my e-mail address is being used as a bounce-address for a bevy of spambots out there. I’ve been getting bounces to my e-mail address for the last two days from a hoarde of spam messages buzzing about the ‘Net.

I guess that’s not the worst thing that could happen, but I wonder if somehow my domain could be misidentified as a spam domain. From what I can see in the headers of the messages that are bouncing my way, they are all originating elsewhere, and are just using my email address as a place to land the bounces.

So, while it’s been reasonably harmless so far, and nothing that my e-mail rules can’t handle, it’s still a little troubling. I mean, what if I was legitimately selling replica watches, sexual aid drugs and mortgage refinance packages? 🙂