Now This Is Cool!

A photographer friend of mine, Lenny, has been staging some of his images at Yessy. Yessy is an art sales site run by artists for artists, and Lenny’s had some success handling some of his sales through that site.

I bugged Lenny last week to send me a referral to the site — he gets a referral bonus — so I could start setting up my work there. I figured my commercial site is a good thing to have, but this site would give me much more exposure and access to an already-built large base of customers whom are looking to purchase art. The searches are done by keywords, so my art will be intermingled with others’ art as customers search.

I put my first image up yesterday — the pink Gateway Arch — at my Yessy site and expected to see nothing big happen with it. I made it a “coming soon” image, so folks could see it, but not yet buy it. This would give me some time to get the backend stuff up and ready.

However, this morning, I got a message from Yessy showing my traffic statistics. The thumbnail of my image had been seen almost 75 times — this would be through folks’ searches, so that tactic seems to be working. But there had also been four folks who had enough interest to click through and look at the main image.

Four folks in the world yesterday were interested enough to look at one of my images — now that is cool!