New Gear: Logitech NuLOOQ Professional Series

The Logitech NuLOOQ is one weird controller, but I couldn’t keep from buying it. Basically, it is a very Photoshop-centric device for your non-mouse-or-stylus ladened hand. The theory is that you keep one hand on the NuLOOQ, and another on your device of choice in PS. In practice, this actually seems to work.

With one hand on my Wacom stylus, and the other on the NuLOOQ, I tried to get the little device to work. And it just wouldn’t. 🙁 That is, it wouldn’t until I plugged it directly into the back of my Quad. For some reason, it didn’t like my USB hub. Once the cable was moved, it the little guy began to work flawlessly. I believe it’s gonna take more retraining — kinda like when I got my Wacom in January — for me to use the thing well, but it seems to have so much promise.

I’ve seen some criticisms of the NuLOOQ — not heavy enough (although it does weigh 300gm, which seems plenty heavy enough to me), slides around on the desk (not on my glasstop it doesn’t!), and that it’s not very portable (I don’t get that one). The biggest complaint I think though is that it is an Mac-only device! 🙂

Anyway, two thumbs up, along with an occassional pinky (’cause I’m polite) — this is a cool little device!