Remember the Future

My next door neighbor, Joe, is a huge Nektar fan. Who is Nektar? Well, they are a little unfamiliar to me as well, but they are a prog-rock band from the way-back machine who are still touring, and still have an incredibly loyal fan base. (You can find out more about them here.) What’s amazing to me is that I never heard of these guys before Joe started talking to me about them. How’d I miss them? I loved prog-rock in the 70s, and still do.

Anyway, they’re coming to St. Louis on December 1st, and Joe’s been hounding me to go. In fact, he’s such a big fan that he is planning to go the extra buck, and buy an all-access package. And, in preparation for twisting my arm to go with him, he bought an extra. He’s a mean, mean man. 🙂 Here’s the skinny on that package (from the Nektar tour site):

VINP tickets are Very Important Nektar Person tickets. They are a premium price, high-value ticket that entitle the purchaser to a range of privledges.

VINP gives you the following:

Best tickets in the house, always in the front two rows and central.

Entry into the Load in / Sound-check for the show at 15.00 pm onwards

Permission to take photos and video during this period.

Tour of the stage area and discussion with all band mambers about equipment, the show and whatever takes your fancy during a set 30 minute period.

Photo taken with the band as a group and as individuals on stage, with photo supplied at the Merchandise Desk at the end of the show signed

Special Nektar goodie bag with exclusive VINP only items:
Exclusive Version of the Tour Program – more detailed
Nektar Photos
Special VINP NEKTAR badge
Special VINP NEKTAR CD of rare audio
Book of Days T-Shirt Deluxe Ed.
Nektar Cap
Nektar Sticker
Leisurely access prior to doors of the Merchandising Stand
Book of Days Poster

This is all in a Nektar bag

You will be able to pick up your exclusive Nektar Laminate at the Box office on the day of the show. This will give you access as described. You will be met by Roy Clay – nektars manager who will look after you and ensure all your needs are addressed. You will be required to exit the venue about 18.00 pm but allowed back into the Foyer area when doors open. You will be able to pick up your photo after the show from the Merchandise desk, or have it mailed onto you.

This is pretty cool access, and the whole thing sounds great, but for me (you guessed it), it’s an opportunity to shoot unfettered during the sound check and warmup for three hours. That will be an amazing opportunity, and a kind of photography I’ve never practiced before. So, fast lenses are the order of the day, along with some cross-filters, and all the memory I can muster. I think I’ve got about 12Gb of CF, along with my 40Gb P-2000. That should do it for 3hrs of photo fun.

The e-mail Joe got back from the registration indicates the band would like copies of the photos. Who knows… maybe I’ll be allowed to shoot during the show, and perhaps make a little bit of a name for myself in that circle!