Sio’s Show

A couple of weeks ago, Sio was working fervently on some artwork for Archon, a science fiction convention held annually near St. Louis. She entered some art in the juvenile art competition at last year’s Archon, which was received well. This year, she paid for a panel, and displayed some new pieces she has been working on.

I asked her mother how the show went, and here was the response:

Actually, Sio won 2 ribbons for her artwork (Best Entry from a Non-Professional and Best in Show for Juniors (age 13-17) – they made the assumption that she was a bit older since her stuff was on a paid panel instead of on the Juvenile boards) and all four pieces were sold. She is pretty excited now.

I think that’s so cool! Having sold some work this year, I can certainly understand her excitement, and I’m thrilled with the recognition her artwork is getting.

Can the family handle yet another budding artist in its midst?