The folks at MacHeist have been running a deal all week, with a bundle of eight 3rd party Mac apps for $49. The cool part is that 25% of the gross would go to charities of the purchaser’s choice. BTW, I chose The Nature Conservancy.

The goal was to reach $100k for charity. To incent folks, at $50k for charity, they’d add another app to the bundle, and then at $100k, they’d open up another app. Well, as of this writing, the MacHeist folks have almost $175k for the charities selected by the purchasers, with about three hours left in the promotion.

This is very cool, and everyone wins. The coders of the apps get some exposure for their apps, the charities get money, and I get cool apps. This is a great concept, and I sure hope the MacHeisters come back and do this again next Christmas!!!!