Cheeburger Cheeburger

Anyone who’s read this for very long knows that I would like nothing better than to take my shingle on the road, and photograph nature full-time, and on the road.

I got a tickler on my newsreader today that referenced the site of a photographer named Bill Fortney. This guy founded GAPW, and will be leading an event in Montana (along with Scott Kelby) that I badly want to attend. However, it’s not his photography — which is excellent, BTW — that gets him a nod in the Deauxmayne.

It’s his love of cheeseburgers, a condition that I also suffer from. His take on the American classic is interesting, but is lacking a couple of the best burgers there are. He includes White Castle, but leaves out Krystal. How can you tackle the gut-bombing, gastrointestinal challenging mini-burger without including Krystal??? He also left out a local favorite of mine, Carl’s Drive-In, which is neither owned by Carl, nor is a drive-in, but is just about the best burger in The Lou. And they are the only place I know of where you can get root beer straight from a wood barreled tapper.

And he’s from Harlan KY, where much of Dad’s family hails from. Between that and cheeseburgers, he’s up on my list.

If ever you get to St. Louis, Bill, drop me a note, and I’ll introduce you to Carl’s. I think you’ll approve!