I Got Stok’d!

So, I was sitting in my cube, minding my own business this morning. I’d sent out a blurb to the team about some apple fritters (from The Donut Palace of Ellisville — wonderful people, fritters, Douwe Egberts coffee), and folks were starting to congregate.

And that’s when one of the storage guys brought a little plate of what appeared to be coffee creamers. “You should try one of these… they’re good….” So I willingly took one, and started to read the label.

Not for those under 18, pregnant or caffeine-sensitive.

Limit 2/day.

Warning: high caffeine.

I was intrigued, poured it in my Douwe, and that’s how I was introduced to Stok. Stok is a shot of espresso for your coffee, containing 40mg of caffeine, although you can also get it with sweetner added for a little extra kick. And all I can say is… wow. Tastes great, and really seems to bolster the coffee’s effect.

And their website is a riot, complete with some video content, recipes, and a store from which you can order this stuff for home use. Well worth checking out.

Between my Cocoa Pebbles, my coffee, the fritters and this new evil coffee additive, I can safely say that my tender little noggin is doing its best to spin off axis, and detatch itself from my neck. And I’m kinda enjoying that!