GAR: Day Fifteen – West Yellowstone MT

This was a planned goof-off day. We started the day with some breakfast — blueberry pancakes! — and wandered about West Yellowstone, looking for souvenirs and gifts.

Today was the hottest day of our stay, and with no wind, the apparent state bird of Montana — mosquitoes — came out in droves. I have never seen so many, so large skeeters in my life. I truly believe that an unaccompanied child could be carried away by these swarms!

Becky and Sio decided to take in some local entertainment tonight, and saw a production of Hello Dolly at The Playmill. The Playmill is a tiny theatre in West Yellowstone, probably seating a couple hundred patrons, named after the windmill on the front of the building. Beck and Sio both seemed to enjoy the show. Me? I stayed “home” and packed, getting us ready for tomorrow!