Back to My Mac

While I haven’t spoken in this forum about the Back to My Mac functionality that was released with Leopard, I’ve been kinda bummed ’cause I couldn’t get it to work with my home network. I’d thought that this would be pretty cool stuff, especially on the Great American Roadtrip.

I’d tried before we left to get my Belkin N1 Vision to do the right UPnP stuff in order for Back to My Mac to work, but all to no avail. I never quite figured it out, and vacation tasks loomed tall over geekly tasks, so that project fell to the side.

Now, a few weeks after vacation, I’ve found some time to work on this little problem again. First, I made sure that it was still broke. Yup, still broke. 🙁

I found that Belkin had released new firmware for the N1 Vision, so I blasted that onto the router, and enabled the UPnP bit on the control panel. Still no joy. 🙁

I took a gander at my good friend Google to see if anyone had reported success with this router and Back to My Mac. Sure ’nuff, someone had reported the same problem I had, and had the brilliant idea to power cycle the router.

Guess what? It worked. The Systems Prefs panel for MobileMe now indicated that it could configure the router, and all things magic took off. Cool beans.

Now, to start doing a little playing with the new functionality!