Routers, Routers Everywhere, But Not A Byte to Send

About a year ago, I bought a new router — a Belkin N1 Vision — and until recently, it’s been rock solid, just chugging along serving up pages, and letting me see the world from my little ol’ office.

Lately though, things have been a little less rosy. I came down one morning, finding the router powered down, and have found it “confused” to the point where it wouldn’t handle data four or five times since. After doing some reading on the ‘net, I’m inclined to think it’s a heat problem. There’s a bunch of anecdotal stories out there to support that. And with that, I thought I was in for buying a new router. It’s hard to fix a design problem… although I did read about someone who gutted their N1, and installed a cooling fan!

In some of my reading, I found some talk about a new router firmware level that was released this summer. I’d upgraded to v1.00.15 in mid-July, as I try to stay up-to-date on things like that. I had had some difficulty with the speed display on the N1 not working, and I thought the new release would help. My reading over the last couple of days has had some folks linking the overheating issues tied to the new firmware. Dunno if that’s true, but I do notice that Belkin’s site no longer lists 1.00.15 as a firmware download. Hmmmm…… 🙂

So tonight, I’ve devolved my router, and we’ll see if things quieten down. Watch this space!