It’s Not the End of the World, But We Can See It From Here

With the hoopla that is MacWorld going on last week, there was a note from Uncle Steve, talking to why he was away from MacWorld — an easy-to-treat hormone imbalance. Today, the other shoe fell, and it appears that things may have been something more serious.

Man, this really sucks. Not just for the brand, or the markets, or the company, but for the man himself. Regardless of what you think of Apple gear and fanboys, Jobs has led a brilliant campaign upon his rejoining Apple, and with that, his folks have designed some beautiful gear that works very well, and has re-shaped two industries — the home computer market, and the music distribution and listening market. If indeed this is something serious, then we stand to lose someone that I see as a visionary.

Yep, I’m a fanboy — not because it’s Apple, but because Apple makes really good stuff. I have the same view of Jeep, and have had with Icom, Garmin, Bose, Canon and other brands over the years. Companies like those make great gear that does what I need to do without a whole lot of “happy accidents” that I have to work through. That kind of stability has allowed me to explore, and not worry about whether the products I was relying on would work well or not.

My best wishes are with you Uncle Steve — I hope all goes well with the recovery, and I look forward to your hand on the rudder come summer.