Flinging Bits into the Magnetic Ether

Let me start by emphasizing that disk space is the perpetual bane of my electronic existence. Back in the pre-dawn of time, I can remember taking whole afternoons to format a box of bulk of floppy disks, in preparation for stuffing somewhere from 360KB to 1.44MB of goodness grabbed from BBSes via PC Pursuit. (Okay, so that should put a date to some of my exploits… for some of you.) Nowadays, it’s nothing to have hundreds of GB of photos, video, audio, etc. And as the envelope has been pushed for the size of magnetic storage, it seems my needs have grown just a little bigger.

Recently, I’ve felt like a 21st century Lucy, moving a folder from one drive to another so I had enough room to put something else on the first drive. Lots of spinning of plates, and not so much adherence to my own storage strategies. It wasn’t exactly keeping me up at night, but it was bothering me to encounter iTunes or some other app screaming at me ’cause I was down to my few MB on a TB drive.

Today I took a step in the direction of solving that little problem. Enter a new Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green SATA HD! I surely hope that will be enough space to last me for a while. I moved to a 1TB drive a little over two years ago, and I’ve gotta hope that it’s at least another two years until I need to double my storage space again.

And after 4.5hrs spent copying 900GB of data to the new drive, it’s time to start moving data around the drives in the big ol’ machine, hopefully with the goal of using the old 1TB drive as my boot drive, my 320GB drive as a festering cesspool for iTunes, and still using my twin 750GB drives as external backup drives for the important data.

Terabytes…. Whodathunk we’d be shoveling datasets this large around!