Project 365 : Lonely Tree

This morning, we had a light snowfall in Da Lou. As if by telepathy, Casey and I both brought our kits to work, and decided to go looking for something to photograph during lunch. Our travels took us to the Katy Trail parking area at Matson. From here, you can look across a vast expanse of farmers’ fields, leading all the way to the bluffs at the river. I’ve photographed this area before, but never in the snow.

The lone tree in this field always fascinates me. When the fields are planted with crops, it seems like a guardian for the new growth. Today, it struck me as a sentinel, warning against entry to the acreage. It’s a very cool tree.

I made this series of images with my Canon 7D and 24-105/4L lens, brought them into Photomatix HDR, shuffled the final image through Nik Viveza and Lightroom, and brought it straight to you. 🙂