RMH I — Day Seven : Fraser CO to St. Louis (907mi)

It’s been a while since I’ve made a big drive like today’s. Fifteen hours of driving, and I found myself back home. How’s that — two sentences covering 900 miles of driving. Truth is, the drive was pretty uneventful, aside from mega construction going on in Kansas City. That was horrid, and gives me a pretty good reason to avoid KC for a while.

I’d been talking with Becky about her departure to the lake tonight, and we decided to leave the Berners at the house since we’d miss each other by only an hour or so. When I walked downstairs, I got all kinds of “puppy barks” from both of them. Just crazy heartwarming to know that they missed me.

So how would I rate the trip? Well, pretty dang good. It was great to be on the road, and having several days of just drifting about in Colorado was glorious. I saw some things that I wanted to see, and I got to hike and photograph. Nothing better than that.