Spending the Evening with the Pioneer Woman

Mom alerted me a few weeks ago that The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, was gonna visit St. Louis to promote her new book. Mom wanted a signed copy of that new book, Black Heels and Tractor Wheels.

Last night, Ree visited the St. Louis County Library headquarters, and Sio and I headed down there about an hour early to get in line. There were already scores of folks in line, so we schluffed our way over to the crowd, and got a line ticket for group number five. We chatted with some of the other folks in line — the gal in line behind us drove down from Des Moines to see this — and it was quickly evident that I was of a minority chromosomal composition. I bet there were 20-30 gals for every guy in the crowd.

Ree Drummond (and fans)
Ree Drummond (and fans)

We were let in, found some seats, and waited for Ree to take the stage. She was entertaining, albeit nervous, and led a quick Q&A before getting to the business of signing books and meeting her fans. Our group finally went back for a meet and greet after ninety minutes or so. I happened to noticed that there were still quite a few folks waiting for their groups to go. While we stood in the “short line”, we talked with the folks managing the event, and learned that there were about 700 folks there — we were in group five, and the folks just coming in were in group thirteen. I’d be willing to bet those folks didn’t get in for signing until way after 10pm.

When our turn came, we met Ree — nice gal — got our photo taken with her, and our books signed. I reminded her of my arch image that I submitted last year during one of her photo contests, and both her and her assistant remembered it. That’s pretty cool.

And, of course, we got what we went there for… a copy of Ree’s book, signed for Mom…

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know you would get to have your picture made with her. That’s cool! Just don’t forget whose name is on that autographed copy!!! I’ll let you read it first as long as you don’t bugger it up. HA

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