It’s a Twister!

Friday night, we endured what is now being called the biggest storm to hit St. Louis since about 1967. Tornadoes, wind, massive lightning, toad-stranglers… we had it all. An EF4 tornado walked through the area where I work, crossed the river, and walked across the airport, villages, towns and hamlets, leaving a really long path of destruction — on the order of dozens and dozens of miles. In fact, we could see the northern tornado on the radar, and watched it work its way across St. Charles County, right across the radar dome, and into St. Louis County. I’ve never seen a tornado signature more clear on the radar.

What’s impressive, though is how our home was never in the tornado warning boxes. The big blue circle on the weather map is the house, and at the height of all the action, we were outside the red warning boxes. (Click on the image to see it embiggened.) Simply amazing. The wind blew, and it rained a bunch, but it was nothing like what the areas around us had to endure.

Tornado Warnings
Tornado Warnings (form the iPad WeatherScope app)

Once again, the WeatherShield™ technology apparently employed around our house has warded off the threatening weather. I told Beck that I thought it was something all the Apple gear was emitting that was keeping us safe… perhaps changing the nature of the atmosphere around us. While I doubt that’s true, at this point, I’m simply happy about the outcome!