Welcome to Canapeel!

For a decade, I’ve been jotting little notes in Phydeaux’ Deauxmayne.  It was a name I’d carried forward from a fanzine I published in the 80s, and I loved the play between the pronunciation and spelling.  However, I was ready for a change.

The last six months have been full of loads of change for me.  The catalyst was my surviving colon cancer in December.  After that, I started making some changes, trying to simplify my life, and trying to improve my health.  I’ve begun running, and have tried to follow a better diet.  I’ve also shuttered my photography business, retiring photography to a hobby for me, rather than a chore.  And lastly, I’ve been playing my guitars… a lot.

As part of that overall simplification, I felt like having two online presences didn’t make a lot of sense, especially since one of them had become a “cob-web site” (as my brother once told me).  So, enter Canapeel.

What’s Canapeel?

Well, it’s a term my wife’s used for years to refer to a meal made of whatever you can find and cook on your own.  It’s a noun, it’s a verb.  I call Canapeel!

And since I write about so many different things, Canapeel made a ton of sense.  So there.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Canapeel!”

  1. Love the new site. And, I absolutely love the new name with the explanation of the name. Should be added to any dictionary!! Stay cool out there.

  2. Glad you like it! I’m hoping it’ll be a little more friendly, and maybe even just a little sillier. 🙂

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