A New Trail

The powers-that-be have been working on a multiuse trail atop the Chesterfield Levee for a while. My understanding is that it’ll encircle the Valley, providing a 17 mile loop. Sounds pretty cool.

This morning, Darla mentioned that it was really nice outside, so I figured I’d go tackle this paved trail. And ya know what? It was a very cool ride.

I rode from one end to the other, dead end to dead end, which was just a tick under 16.5 miles. I was thrilled to be able ride that distance! I even sprinted up the few hills on the course.

And, as I used to, I stopped to smell the roses here and there, taking photos and detours, and treating this ride more like touring than training. That’s the way to do it!

One thought on “A New Trail”

  1. My bicycles were loaners. My friends would let me ride on Saturdays when I would go to Wilson’s Creek battlefield and find mini balls. I am not sure how far I rode, I just went and returned. Something I remember with great fondness. The rides, and the friends who made them possible.

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