Three Years of Semicolon Goodness

Three years ago — almost to the hour — I was exiting surgery, cured of colon cancer, and starting a new phase of my life.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been three years… that time in my life was really dark and scary as we led up to the resection that eliminated the evil intruder in my bowels.  It seems like a lifetime ago.

And as scary as it was, it was, in the end (no pun intended!), pretty straightforward.  Had it not been for the massive infection that followed, it would’ve been almost a non-event.  I spent more time recovering from the infection than I did from the removal of a third of my colon.

Now, three years downstream, I think I’m a little healthier — I’ve squandered that opportunity somewhat, although adding running to my life has certainly been a step in the right direction.  I think I’ve got a long way to go to fully “get healthy,” but it’s doable, and I know I’ve been given a second chance to position myself for healthier days for the rest of my life.  That second chance is a gift, and one I need to take more advantage of.

For the family and friends that made up my support team over the last three years — THANK YOU!  You have no idea what it meant to have your support at the time, or what you’ve meant to me since.

Later today, Becky and I go off to lunch to celebrate my NED (No Evidence of Disease) anniversary, and I can’t wait.  It’s so wonderful to celebrate my “rebirth” at this time of year when we’re also celebrating the birth of Christ.