Return to the Streets

Today, I returned to the streets.  I took a long walk for the first time since my injury around New Year’s Day.  The good news is that I had no issues with pain in my foot.  The downside… a little bit of swelling in my foot, and some shin splints on the right side.  Not a biggie, and nothing that hasn’t happened before.  On balance, I’d say this was successful!

I also used my Under Armour “sport” underwear for the first time. I’ve had some real problems with chafing and heat rashes in a “cheeky” location during longer walks/runs. Supposedly, these things could help that with some wicking technology to pull the moisture away from my backside. My walk today bore that out. I was way overdressed for the 50 degree day, so I was sweating like crazy. If that’s not gonna set off a bunch of pain in the backside, I don’t know what will.

So, hooray! It looks like I’m back on the road/trail again. We’ll see where it leads me!